Not Deaf

Why do I have to answer the question “Oh, do you sign?” after I have said, in immaculate spoken language, that I am hard of hearing?

Why did the DVO assume I sign and schedule me with the deaf counselor when I called via relay? 

Why do prospective employers ask if I will need an interpreter?

Why do websites which talk about employment issues for the “deaf and hard of hearing” usually limit the discussion to the availability of sign language interpreters?

Why did the audiology students in my doctor’s office keep using rudimentary sign with me, even after I heard the audiologist with my eyes CLOSED?

Why is that when I say “I am hearing impaired” for the sake of the many many people who do not recognize the term “hard of hearing”, people assume I am deaf?

Why is there no discussion on the specific difficulties of hard of hearing people?


I Still Hear New Things!

Oh yes! I just heard the sound Anton’s towel made against his wet hair! I don’t think I had heard that before! Yipeeeee!

You go, HLAA!

The Hearing Loss Association of America submitted comments with the US Department of Justice in regard to the pending changes in the ADA.

I was especially happy to see that the HLAA recommended that all shows at movie theaters offer captions!!! Wouldn’t we all love that?

Let’s hope the Department of Justice takes this into account!


I told my counselor at the BRS that the staffing agency is not returning my calls. She left a message with them, and on Monday they returned my email. The guy explained he was ill and that’s why he did not respond to my emails (?!). No, no problem communicating by email, he says, but right now there aren’t any jobs available. But we do get jobs like the one you want all the time, so let’s keep in touch.


I want a job more than I want to file complaints for discrimination, so I will wait and see what happens.

And Again!

On Tuesday, I submitted a resume with an employment agency, which was advertising a position I liked. On the next morning, I was contacted by a guy named Kyle whose email said he has exciting opportunities for me and I should email him or call him. I emailed right away and expressed my enthusiasm. His response arrived about five minutes later and contained a request to call him. I disclosed my disability and requested that we communicate by email as I have a hearing disability. Did he email back? Nope. I gave him till today at noon and emailed him nicely, offering to come into his office, if that’s what he would like. Did he respond? Nope.

What’s a woman to do? Promptly file a claim with the EEOC! I will just wait until my job developer calls him and tries to ease his ignorant mind. If she doesn’t succeed, or maybe even if she does, I will be filing my claim. Have fun, stupid employment agency!

Discriminated, again.

I got on the wrong train to New York this morning – the local instead of the express – because the train station does not provide visual information about arriving trains. So when they schedule the 8:16, the 8:18, and the 8:21trains on the same track and only announce “mmgmfmfmgmmgmmmm is arriving on track 5”, no wonder I got on the local and got to work 15 minutes late.

I wish I didn’t have to deal with this.

Hello? Anyone still reading?

I doubt it, but.. let’s have an update.

I have not posted for more than a month. What have I been doing?

Working. My internship grew into a full-time job running program support for an economic and social rights group in Manhattan. I am loving it! Unfortunately, unless we land a big grant soon, I will have to find another job.

I commute two hours a day, usually in crowded subway and commuter trains, but I am well-trained. I have been elbowing my way through various forms of public transportation since second grade!

Moving. We just moved to a new apartment in Stamford. It’s a love nest, but next time I move, I am hiring professional movers and half a dozen cleaners.

Grantwriting. I landed a 80, 000 euro grant for a small group home for children with disabilities in Northern Bulgaria. This is my biggest grantwriting achievement!

Visiting Oregon. We spent a week in Portland with our college buddies, doing the vacation thing – sleeping in, drinking coffee till noon, walking around the city, cooking delicious food, closing with tequilla shots. Portland is truly fantastic, accessible and pleasant to everyone. Let’s all move there where Christie says the funniest things, Ben builds bookshelves, Drew packs yummy stuff for everyone and Max the Cat nuzzles your face.

Loving Anton. Yes, four years of mad love. An eternity to go.

On the hearing scene, nothing new, really. I just got the Phonak MicroLink and for now I find it the biggest pain in the ass. I will try to write about all other things I find a pain in the ass soon.


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